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Our Journey Together (OJT) began for the purpose of supporting people hurting from negative church experiences but still desiring connection to a Christian Community. At OJT, we believe strongly in God’s community and believe that the full reach of God’s healing in the lives of His saints must involve community. As such, we operate with guidelines that create a safe place for people to process through their experiences and to find God’s healing after relational breakdowns. We help participants to identify God’s direction for healing in their lives and assist them in setting goals and actions to cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Our groups are designed to provide a safe place where participants can experience both grace and truth as they journey toward knowing God and His healing more fully in their lives.

Working with Churches

Our Journey Together serves churches to assist spiritual transformation. Transformation dwells in the center of life for those intent on living a life that honors God. A key tool that God uses in the transformation of HIS saints is HIS community.  So we seek to connect people in life-giving , relational community.

For some Christians, church small groups or other types of spiritual groups provide a fertile ground for their growth and change. But for others, change seems beyond grasp. Sometimes these people become frustrated and confused about why their life doesn’t change.  They try to be more obedient to the Bible, to attend all the right things, but life doesn’t change much. Frustration sets in. Chronic problems like eating disorders, suicidal desires, sexual dysfunctions, or various kinds of addictions don’t seem to find healing in the regular church offerings.

In recent years, the church has often referred people struggling with chronic problems for professional counseling, secretly washing their hands of the person since they don’t know how to help. Counseling may be a good plan; but used alone, it can’t replace the role of a strong supportive community. Though most churches desire to help, they’ve had no training in how to provide the kind of community a person needs for this kind of transformation. This is how OJT can help!

Our Journey Together provides two elements for the assisting in spirit-directed transformation: goal planning and safe community. We teach people how to identify God’s direction for change in their life, and how to set a plan to participate and co-operate with the process. Then, we teach them how to be part of  a safe community where the goals can be shared. They learn what roles community plays in transformation, finding both nurture and challenge. They learn to exercise grace, grounded in God’s truth.

Our Journey Together offers training for churches in the Denver area to train church groups and/or leaders how to create these groups to assist in spiritual transformation. We adapt to the specific needs of the church and create a plan that meets those needs.